Language and meaning in relation to perception

How important is it to have everything defined on a level that allows next to no error in interpretation and double-conflicting meaning?

The answer I may feel is the right one is Important. Is this correct? Not sure.

How I answer this question is important because it is how I consciously or unconsciously decide to codify what happens around me and what it means in relation to me and everything else.

The main idea for the “Not sure” is that if I’m able to think and describe things for what they are and I’m able to define things to a deeper degree of meaning like an axe wouldn’t be as precise as a surgical knife, I will also be able to have control of the narrative that is always going in my head and be able to describe and express things in a way that it satisfies my soul.

But will this lead anywhere? Will this make me in charge of my internal narrative? Will this make me better live my life with my emotions?

In the end, we are nothing but what we tell ourselves we are, just a fucking moron who describes what we see around ourselves, shaped by our randomly obtained idea of the world, ourselves, our relations to people, work, our environment and world. But we have no awareness of the process that goes inside our minds unless we put deliberate effort into it.

The question though remains, is it a worthwhile effort? In order to answer that, I believe, you’d need to delve deeper into everything that is your mind, your psychology, your intrinsic philosophy and the patterns for behavior that generates emotions and meaning in your life.



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